Getting Started with Internet of Things: Computing and Communication

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August 30, 2022

Internet of Things (IoT) is a network ofphysical objects interconnecting every “thing”, from everyday objects withembedded communication capabilities to those that are observed in anenvironment. This concept brings together different fields of computingincluding sensing, networking, cyber-physical systems, machine learning andpervasive and edge/fog/cloud computing. Since the term was coined by KevinAshton in 1999, IoT has become a revolutionary approach with a growingrelevance in domains such as Smart Cities, Smart Health, Smart Homes, or theConnected Industry, also known as Industry 4.0, just to name a few.

In this Select, “Getting Started with IoT: Computingand Communication”, we put together a set of articles to provide anintroductory IoT overview. The selection includes easy to read articlesdescribing and motivating the IoT, and later deep dives into the major aspectsof IoT such as edge-to-cloud continuum and communication protocols, as two ofthe major aspects of IoT. This is the first part of this series - we will be publishing part two soon. 

General IoT

The Internet of Things

First published in Communications of the ACM, Volume 60, Issue 5, pp 18–19, May 2017.

This brief article includes an ACM panel where panelists discuss the Internet of Things. This panel includes short takes from the ACM Turing Award laureates and ACM prize recipients, where they share their opinion on the potential opportunities and challenges of IoT.

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Taking the Internet to the Next Physical Level

First published in Computer, Volume 49, pp. 80-86, February 2016.

This magazine article from Vint Cerf and Max Senges highlights the IoT advancements that take the internet to the next level. Going through this article gives initial insights on the range of IoT applications and their potential benefits for our everyday lives.

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Cloud/Fog computing

A Survey on End-Edge-Cloud Orchestrated Network ComputingParadigms: Transparent Computing, Mobile Edge Computing, Fog Computing, andCloudlet

First published in ACM Computing Surveys, Volume 52, Issue 6, Article No. 125, pp 1–36, November 2020.

Internet of Things is distributed in its nature due to large-scale applications that can potentially connect myriads of devices and objects. Besides, the number of connected IoT devices is set to exponentially grow in the forthcoming years, introducing a significant burden on the Internet infrastructure. This survey reviews the novel computing paradigms that have emerged to address the scalability issues introduced by IoT, comparing their basic architectures and potential future research directions.

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A Survey of Communication Protocols for Internet of Things and Related Challenges of Fog and Cloud Computing Integration

First published in ACM Computing Surveys, Volume 51, Issue 6, Article No. 116, pp 1–29, November 2019.

Communication protocols are essential in IoT, considering that most of the deployed devices lack computational capacity, shifting processing tasks to cloud and fog systems. Within this survey, authors review existing widely accepted communication protocols in the application layer and their integration into fog and cloud computing systems. Therefore, this is a good starting point for understanding which are the research challenges in their design and application.

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A survey on 5G networks for the Internet of Things: Communication technologies and challenges

First published in IEEE Access, Volume 6, pp. 3619-3647, 2018, December 2017.

The explosion of IoT deployments has shaped the basic requirements in terms of communication technologies, demanding lower consumption or extended coverage for remote locations, where traditional cellular standards are not well suited. In this paper, authors review the requirements imposed by emerging IoT-enabled applications and go through existing IoT communication technologies delving deep into their main features.

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Getting Started with Internet of Things: Computing and Communication

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